In The City Of Surakarta, Central Java Police Checks 2 Micro PPKM Posts

SURAKARTA. AsiaTimesNews.com – Central Java Police Chief Inspector General of Police Drs. Ahmad Lutfhi, S.H., S.St., M.K went back to check the post for the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities.

The checks were carried out in Gandekan Village, Jebres District and Nusukan Village, Banjarsari District, Surakarta City accompanied by Dirbimas, Dansat Brimob and Head of Propam Polda Central Java, Saturday (13/2/2021).

Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol Drs. Ahmad Lutfhi, S.H., S.St., M.K said PPKM checks were to see directly the implementation of health protocols (prokes) and monitor the development of the Covid situation in an area.

“There are 1062 sub-districts in Central Java and there are posts and posko devices. There is complete data on the number of people, names and addresses,” explained the Kapolda.

“Based on the Ministry of Home Affairs related to micro-scale PPKM at the Semarang Police, it is clear, all urban villages have established a post including in the Surakarta area. Each village in the post has formed a complete small unit consisting of Babinsa and Bhabinkamtibmas as the spearhead in tracking the community, “he added.

The Central Java Police Chief hopes that with this Micro PPKM, the graph of Covid 19 cases in Indonesia, especially in Central Java, will decrease.

“The public will be educated by the task force we formed to always comply with health protocols. For the conduciveness of the Central Java Regional Police, in general it is conducive. It is hoped that with this Micro PPKM Covid in Central Java will disappear, “hoped the Central Java Police Chief.

Not only checking, the Central Java Police Chief also provided masks for the Micro PPKM Posko aimed at the surrounding community. (Editorial).


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