Greeting Of Binmas Noken of INP And Papua Police To Supiore Students

JAYAPURA. AsiaTimesNews.com -Binmas Noken of Indonesian National Police and Papua Regional Police conducted a gathering with students from Supiori Regency at the Supiori Women Dormitory, Waena, Jayapura City, to discuss public security order. In this activity, there was also socialization of the acceptance of 2000 Papua Police Noken, which implemented the Health Protocol.

Head of the National Police Noken Task Force, Senior Police Superintendent Jeremias Rontini, through his Deputy, Police Superintendent Sofyan Budioyo, said this gathering activity strengthened the relationship between Supiori students and the Police to maintain security in the Waena area. Jayapura city.

The head of the Supiori Student Dormitory, Petrus Yasin Fainsenem, said that his party fully supports government programs which are none other than to build a better Papua in all aspects and fields.

The gathering activity of Binmas Noken of INP and Papua Regional Police and Supiori District Students in Jayapura City was also in the context of socializing the acceptance of 2000 Papua Police Noken. A speaker delivered this socialization from the Papua Regional Police HR and a member of the National Police Noken Binmas, Police First Inspector Rini Dwi Pratiwi, and Police Second Inspector Made Ambo Arjana. (Kadiv. Humas)


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