Central Java Regional Police Chief Launched QRIS Cashles Program for Magelang Police and SKCK Door To Door

AsiaTimesNews.comSemarang. Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Ahmad Luthfi, SH, S.St., MK, launched the QRIS Cashles program for the Magelang Police and SKCK Door to Door as a creative breakthrough in order to improve services to the community in a prime manner, Thursday (25/2/2021).

“Actually, this is the Kapolri’s 6th program, that the National Police provides easy and fast services using information technology, including extension of SIM, SKCK and so on,” explained the Central Java Police Chief.

This service does not use cash or cash transactions, but instead uses a barcode with the application used by the relevant Police institution. This service will reduce the possibility of extortion and minimize crowds in the current pandemic situation.

Meanwhile, the Magelang Police Chief, AKBP. Ronald A. Purba, SIK, M.Sc., said that his party continues to improve services to the community from WBK to WBBM. One of them is the door to door SKCK service.

“This program is a creative breakthrough where we can remain productive but still safe from Covid,” explained the Magelang Police Chief.

There is a brief description of SKCK door to door services, namely by providing a hotline number that can be contacted by people who need SKCK. Then the SKCK Officer together with Ident came with a blank bio of the applicant that had to be filled in. Furthermore, the Petitioner prepares FC KTP, FC KK and 4 pieces of 4X6 Red backgound phito pass, After the blank is filled in by the applicant and has carried out the fingerprints, the process is complete, Then the blank is taken to the Magelang Police for printing the SKCK, then delivered to the applicant’s house and the applicant to pay Rp. 30,000 according to PNBP.

“Door to door SKCK services are prioritized for diffables, vulnerable groups and applicants who need SKCK for example when a disaster occurs,” continued the Magelang Police Chief.

Kapolres also explained that, in the implementation, if there is a village election that requires SKCK, SKCK officers can collectively attend the Kelurahan / Kecamatan to pick up the ball. (Saebumi).


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