Giv More Space to Improve The Quality of Local Products

JAKARTA (ATNews) President Joko Widodo asked his staff to provide more space for domestic products in an effort to restore the national economy which was supported from the demand side. According to him, by increasing the consumption of domestic products, a large domino effect will be created for the movement of the domestic economy during this pandemic.

“I also always convey to ministries / agencies and all SOEs to increase the level of the domestic component (TKDN). This must continue, lest government projects, BUMN projects, still use imported goods. If it can be locked, it will raise a demand for domestic products that is not small, ”he said when giving a speech at the opening of the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) XVII of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (Hipmi) 2021 at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Friday, March 5, 2021.

Providing more space for domestic products must of course be accompanied by an increase in the quality of the product itself along with competitive prices so that they can compete with similar products from abroad.

On this occasion, the President emphasized that Indonesia adheres to economic openness. Indonesia is also not a nation that likes protectionism because history has proven that protectionism is detrimental.

“But we also must not become victims of unfair practices from world trade. We also don’t want that, “he continued.

Indonesia must also be able to make optimal use of the domestic market and its enormous purchasing power to boost the national economy. The President emphasized that Indonesia always invites investment and advanced technology to enter Indonesia to open the widest possible employment opportunities and transfer technology. However, the President did not want Indonesia to only be a spectator at home.

“Don’t make profits for them, we are only spectators. It can’t be like that anymore. Therefore, I have always said before, partnering with our private sector, partnering with regional entrepreneurs, partnering with BUMN, “he said.

The President emphasized that unhealthy and unfair trade practices, especially if they endanger domestic micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), must also not be tolerated.(editorial)


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