Non-Physical TMMD Stunting Counseling and Its Effects on Child Growth

PURBALINGGA. AsiaTimesNews.com – The 110th Reguler TMMD Task Force for Kodim 0702 / Purbalingga does not only complete the work of physical targets. However, in between physical activities, Task Force members also hold non-physical activities. By cooperating with the Purbalingga Health Office, TMMD’s non-physical activities provided counseling on the prevention and management of stunting held at the Balaidesa Pengadegan, Pengadegan District, Purbalingga Regenc

Serda Indarto Babinsa for the Pengadegan area, one of the TMMD Task Force, would like to thank the residents who participated in this activity. He said this activity was very important to prevent and treat stunting “The public must understand and understand the importance of nutrition, as our body need

Therefore, it is a collective obligation to pay attention to children’s nutrition so that they grow up to be healthy adults,” he said. In the same place, Diana Prastiningrum, as the speaker from the Purbalingga Health Office, explained that stunting is a chronic nutritional problem caused by insufficient nutritional intake for a long time, (10/3/2021

This requires the attention of all parties, especially parents in providing good nutrition to pregnant women and their children

“Stunting and other conditions related to malnutrition are also considered a risk factor for diabetes, hypertension, obesity and death from infections,” he sai

It is hoped that the community will know about the dangers of stunting, and it will become a common concern and the importance of Posyandu in preventing stuntin. (Ratna Palupig)




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