The Central Java Police Chief Checks The Village Siaga Candi and the PPKM Micro Pokso at The Demak And Jepara Polres

DEMAK . AsiaTimesNews.com- The visit of the Central Java Regional Police with the Central Java Police PJU to Demak Regency, Central Java, Friday (12/3/21) morning. In the context of checking the Siaga Candi Village and the MICRO PPKM Post in the Demak Police Legal Area.

The Central Java Police Headquarters visit in Demak Regency was attended by the Central Java Police PJU, including the Karolog Kombes Pol Muhammad Zari, SIK, Director of Central Java Regional Police Kombespol Rudi Antariksawan SH, SIK, MSI, Brimob Dansat Polda Central Java Kombes Pol Farid Bachtiar Effendi SIK, MH, Dir Binmas Central Java Regional Police Kombes Pol Lafri Prasetyono, SIK, and the Head of the Central Java Regional Police, Kombespol R Harjuno Sp.KJ

In addition, accompanying the Central Java Regional Police’s visit, among others, the Regent of Demak represented by Assistant I Nur Wahyudi, Deputy Regent of Demak, Drs. Djoko Sutanto, Kapolres Demak AKBP Andhika Bayu Adhittama, SIK, SH, MH., Dandim 0716 / Demak Lt. Col. Arh Mohammad Ufiz, SIP, MIPol., Head of Demak State Attorney General Suhendra, SH, Chairman of DPRD Demak District H Fahrudin Bisri Slamet, SE. , Head of the Demak District Court Didit Pambudi Widodo, SH., MH., Head of the Demak Police Department, AKP Wasito, SH, Demak Police Chief, Tricipto Adi Purnomo, SH, MH and Danramil Danramil 01 Demak Kota Captain Inf Etok. S.

In his remarks, the Central Java Police Chief, Inspector General. Pol. Drs. Ahmad Luthfi SH, S.ST., MK, conveyed the role of Bhabinkamtibmas and Babinsa as the Spearhead. In this case, handling Covid19 with Ds Apparatus and Stakeholders must be really serious in handling this pandemic.

“Along the road of Desa Tempuran, we see that the implementation of the Prokes is very good, this must be maintained,” said the Central Java Police Chief.

The Central Java Police Chief explained, from the data he received, that in 2020, there were 7 confirmed people, 1 person died and was buried according to the Health Protocol, but after the results of the swab came out it was stated negative.

“Meanwhile, 7 people who were confirmed as confirmed have already recovered. Then in 2021, 5 people were confirmed as cured, 1 person died and was buried according to the Health Protocol, but after the results of the swab came out it was stated negative. This shows that the Siaga Candi Village and the PPKM MICRO Command Post in the Demak area specifically for the Tempuran Village are really being implemented, “said Inspector General of Police Ahmad Luthfi.

The Regional Police Chief also added that the current conditions in the Demak area, especially in Tempuran Village, for independent isolation were not available, even none of the residents in Tempuran Village were cared for at the Hospital nor were there any, and the quarantine place prepared by the Tempuran Village Government was only 1 Location for 2 people, no one is quarantined.

“The Tempuran Village in the Demak Regency area, is very good and really carried out the government program in the Candi Village and the PPKM MICRO Post, this must be maintained, and the implementation of the 5 M health protocol must be carried out,” said the Kapolda.

Central Java Police Chief Inspector General Pol Ahmad Luthfi also thanked the Demak Police Chief that the Demak District Forkompimda was always compact.

The Kapolda also checked the Posko and provided masks and basic necessities, as well as group photos. Then the Kapolda and his entourage left the village of Tempuran and headed for Jepara Regency. As long as the activity takes place, it runs in a safe, orderly and smooth condition.

Upon arrival in Jepara Regency, the Central Java Police Chief immediately checked the PPKM Post in Bandungrejo Village, Kalinyamatan District, Jepara Regency. In addition, the Central Java Police Chief held an inauguration of the HS Mart Store together with the Inspector General of Police (Purn) Musyafak in Jepara Regency. (Saibumi)


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