Keuchik Elected in Singkil Finally Inaugurated

ACEH SINGKIL | AsiaTimesNews -It was delayed, from the schedule and stages set by the Regional Government (Pemda). Finally, as many as 41 Keuchik who were elected in the third batch of 2021 simultaneous Keuchik Election activities in Aceh Singkil Regency were inaugurated and inaugurated.

The inauguration took place at the Aceh Singkil District Multipurpose Building, which was led directly by the local Regent. Dulmusrid, Tuesday (12/28/2021). It was witnessed by a number of other Forkopimda officials, and the respective Camats who held the Pilkades simultaneously this year.

The Regent of Aceh Singkil, Dulmusrid in his remarks in front of dozens of Keuchik who were inaugurated for the period 2021 – 2026 said. Duties to the Village Head (Keuchik) are a mandate given by the community to provide services. And nothing more. That is, only taking care of the Village/Kampung Government, not taking care of other things besides carrying out and implementing the management of the Village Fund (DD) which is quite large.

For that he hopes, and asks the Village Head (Keuchik) who was inaugurated today, to use the Village Fund (DD) properly and transparently.

“The management and reporting of Village Fund Accountability (DD), is not only supervised by the Regional Government (Pemda) through the related DPMK and Inspectorate Offices. However, community involvement, through BPKam, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and journalists are also entitled to supervise the transparency of management and the use of the Village Fund (DD).” Mentioned Dulmusrid in his speech, Tuesday (28/12/2021)

In addition, on this occasion. He also expressed his gratitude to Pj. Keuchik in Aceh Singkil District, who had finished running the government a few months earlier. Especially, in completing all stages of the 2021 Third batch of Simultaneous Elections.

“To Acting Keuchik, welcome back to the real ASN. And thank you from the local government for their dedication to completing the simultaneous Pilkades.” he added

According to RRI’s monitoring, a number of Keuchik were inaugurated and confirmed by the Aceh Singkil Regent. Consisting of, the Village Head/Kampung Pulo Sarok, Ujung, Pasar Village, Siti Ambia, Suka Makmur, Rantau Gedang and Ujung Bawang Village, each from Singkil District.

Then from Kuala Baru District, Kayu Menang Village/Kampung, Kuala Baru Sungai, and Suka Jaya Village. As well as village/village heads from the villages of Gosong Telaga Selatan, Gosong Telaga Timur, and Telaga Bakti, from the District of North Singkil.

Furthermore, from Gunung Meriah Sub-district, the Village Head/Kampung Lae Butar, Tanah Bara, Block VI Baru, Sidorejo, Tulaan, Warusan, Gunung Lagan, Pandan Sari, Tunas Harapan, and Tanah Merah Village/Kampung. As well as the Village Head/Kampung Lae Butar.

Then from Simpang Kanan sub-districts, namely the Folding Villages of Kajang Atas, Silatong, Sidodadi, Serasah, Pangi, Lae Nipe, Ujung Limus, Pandan Sari, Kuta Tinggi and Kuta Kerangan.

As well as the Head of Villages / Villages of Danau Bungara, Butar and Muara Pea, Kuta Baharu District. And, a number of village/village heads from Suro sub-district, Pangkalan Sulampi village/village, Suro Baru, Ketaguhan, and Sirimo Mungkur Village. (RRI/ed).

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