Residents of Juntinyuat Like Get Rice From The Chairperson of The Indonesian Hause of Repesentatives

INDRAMAYU. AsiaTimesNews — A number of people in Juntinyuat Village were happy because they received social assistance (bansos) in the form of 5 kilograms of rice. This assistance came from the Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) Puan Maharani as a form of government attention to the poor

The distribution of the social assistance rice was directly handed over by Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VIII Ono Surono with the Regent of Indramayu Nina Agustina Da’i Bachtiar to 150 recipients who were present at the Juntinyuat Village Office, Juntinyuat Indramayu District, Wednesday (29/12/2021).

On this occasion were attended by Member of the DPRD of West Java Province, Bambang Mujiarto, Deputy Chairman of DPRD Indramayu Sirojudin, Member of DPRD Indramayu Suhendri, Forkopimcam Juntinyuat and Kuwu in the Juntinyuat District of Indramayu.

Representing the Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives who was unable to attend, Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VIII Ono Surono said, as many as 2000 rice packages of 5 kilograms each were disbursed by the Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani for the Cirebon and Indramayu areas, including in Juntinyuat Village, as many as 150 rice packages were given to the poor. .

According to him, the 5 kilogram rice donation is part of the people’s representatives’ concern for the community in helping the local government to alleviate poverty problems in the Indramayu Regency area.

“This assistance is a contribution from the Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives to the local government, because after all it is to help the Regent in solving the poverty problem in Indramayu,” he said.

On this occasion, Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VIII Ono Surono also carried out his work recess. He said that Indramayu has the widest rice fields in West Java and even the whole of Indonesia based on the category of district or city. But ironically, most of Indramayu’s farmers are only sharecroppers.

“The majority of the farmers are sharecroppers, land tuna farmers, farmers whose land ownership is only 0.2 hectares, the fertilizer planting season is difficult. When you need water, the water must be pumped, at harvest the price of grain is low,” he explained.

This concern later became an effort to absorb the aspirations of the community, because the commitment of the central government and local governments wanted to help reduce the burden on farmers in Indramayu through programs and policies towards prosperous farmers.

“And that is, of course, a formula we have together with the Regent, how these agricultural programs should reduce costs, reduce costs for farmers,” he added.

The same thing was conveyed by the Indramayu Regent, Nina Agustina, that the synergy between the regional government and the central government will always be present to listen to complaints about community problems, including farmers.

“Alhamdulillah, an example of a form of synergy was formed today, where Mr. Ono Surono as a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives was present in the midst of all of us to listen and absorb the aspirations of all of us. For that I advise the people who are present to take advantage of this moment to be able to convey the complaints of all parents. ,” he explained.

Regent Nina Agustina revealed that the local government welcomed the arrival of rice aid for the poor, which was distributed by the Chairperson of the DPR RI, Puan Maharani, which certainly provided benefits for the local community.

“We also thank you personally as well as the Indramayu Regency Government for the aspirations given and also the rice given from Mrs. Puan Maharani, which is certainly useful for all of us,” he said. (Oyib/MTQ–Indramayu Diskominfo Publication Team)


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